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Factors and Guidelines for Calculating Child Support Payments

Child support is a key issue in many divorce cases involving children. While both parents have a responsibility to financially support their children, the amount of money required may surprise some couples when they first learn how much child support is typically ordered in Florida. The state has established a set of rules and guidelines that must be followed when calculating child support payments.

The most basic aspect of determining child support is calculating each parent’s net monthly income. This includes the parent’s take home pay, overtime, bonuses, commissions, and any other sources of income. The court will also consider additional expenses like medical insurance costs, day care fees, and other expenses related to the children’s health and well-being.

Once each parent’s monthly net income is determined, the court will compare this figure to a chart in the Florida statutes that displays the minimum support requirements for different levels of combined net income. The court will then order each parent to contribute a portion of the basic monthly obligation, proportional to their share of the total joint parental income.

A judge has a very limited amount of discretion to deviate from the support award suggested by the state formula, and this can only be done when extraordinary circumstances exist. For example, if the cost of raising the child involves unusually high medical expenses or educational costs that would normally be covered by insurance, the court may decide to increase the total support obligation to account for these exceptional circumstances.

The number of nights a week that the children spend with each parent will also affect the calculation of child support payments. The court will take into account the amount of time the children spends at each parent’s house and will order the non-majority parent to pay a percentage of the child support amount based on this amount of time. This will help ensure that the children are receiving adequate financial support while living with each parent.

It is important to understand that the calculation of child support payments is a complicated process, and there are many factors that must be taken into account. The most important thing to remember is that each case is unique, and a Miami divorce attorney from Vasquez de Lara Law Group can help you understand your own situation and how it might impact the final amount of child support.